"The Nudity of the Nude"

"Lust-Repulse. In general, and apart from other considerations, these are the two emotios that produces in us the vision of a nude. The consideration of this fact may open to us the door to a new vision, more balanced and healthier. Maybe Fidias would nod with a smile"

Alons Artero



"Alons Artero Diéguez expresses through his works the commitment with the reality that is present in each daily detail and the capacity of working with the quotidian things as a way to achieve the essential, which isn´t under the laws of thought, neither time nor space. His constancy for learnig and developing an exquisite and refined technique is understood as a tool that brings the freedom of movements to the essential. His capacity to enjoy while creating, surrended to the inspiration of meditation, is a way to wisdom."

Reyes Alejandre Escudero



Alons Artero Diéguez